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Laura Linney Laura Leggett Linney Wikis Real Name Laura Leggett Linney Birthday February 5, 1964 Birthplace Manhattan, New York Zodiac Sign Aqaurius Nationality American Ethnicity Caucasian Profession Actress Dating/Boyfriend No Married/Husband Marc Schauer, Ex-David Adkins, Salary/Income Under Review Net Worth $7 Million Parents Miriam Anderson ‘Ann’ Perse, Romulus Zachariah Linney IV ... Laura Linney, American actress best known for playing strong yet vulnerable characters. Her notable credits included the TV miniseries Tales of the City and the films Primal Fear, The Truman Show, and You Can Count on Me. She also appeared on the TV series The Big C and Ozark. Laura Linney in the film The Life of David Gale. Laura Linney became world-famous when the movie The Truman Show was released. The actress played the wife of the protagonist. Her partner on the set was Jim Carrey. In 2000, Laura Linney starred in the drama You Can Count On Me, but her income was only $10,000. Relationships. Laura Linney was previously married to David Adkins (1995 - 2000).. Laura Linney has been in a relationship with Eric Stoltz (1999 - 2001).. About. Laura Linney is a 56 year old American Actress. Born Laura Legett Linney on 5th February, 1964 in New York City, New York, she is famous for Meryl on The Truman Show in a career that spans 1990–present. LAURA LINNEY is one of the stars of Ozark, playing the sharp-talking political lobbyist Wendy Byrde. However, fans of the Netflix series are curious to know more about the acclaimed American ... Laura Leggett Linney was born in New York City on February 5, 1964, into a theatre family. Her father was prominent playwright Romulus Linney, whose own great-grandfather was a congressman from North Carolina. Her mother, Miriam Anderson (Leggett), is a nurse. Although she did not live in her father's house (her parents having divorced when she ...

Ozark: 15 Best Episodes (According To IMDb) ScreenRant

2020.05.29 08:23 tonnie_taller Ozark: 15 Best Episodes (According To IMDb) ScreenRant

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On season three of Netflix’s Ozark, the Byrdes settle into a new normal that includes Wendy becoming a power player in her own right as an employee of the Navarro cartel. The series deals with some familiar drama, but the more visible the Byrds and their gambling operation becomes, the more threats to their family emerge. The series continues to be a compelling crime drama with characters who may do bad things but try to convince themselves they have good reasons for doing them.
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After three seasons, the only thing we know for sure is there’s no such thing as a happy ending for Wendy, Marty, Jonah, and Charlotte.

Updated on May 28th, 2020 by Matthew Wilkinson: The show is full of drama and tension with amazing twists and turns around every corner. It’s very difficult to predict what is going to happen and that’s what makes each episode so compelling. _While not every episode is as strong the rest, those which are stronger really are incredible. Here are the 15 best episodes of Ozark, according to IMDb._15 All In: Season 3, Episode 10 (9.6)

There isn’t much time for grief or remorse for Marty and Wendy Byrde. Wendy’s grand plans to become an upstanding citizen are a pipe dream, and Marty’s fears that she’d drag them in too deep to ever get out are realized. Their focus again becomes myopic: they have to keep their family together and alive. Anyone and anything that gets in the way of that just doesn’t matter. This is a heartbreaking revelation for Ruth who once again is left on the outside looking in. As the Byrdes go deeper down the rabbit hole, the less they seem to understand that surviving isn’t living.

14 Fire Pink: Season 3, Episode 9 (9.3)

There’s a lot of scrambling to try and keep Ben from becoming collateral damage, but, at the core of “Fire Pink” are the tough choices women must make as wives, mothers, sisters, and lovers. There’s an innate urge for Wendy, Helen, and Ruth to protect who and what is most important to them, and the tragedy is when they ultimately fail.
Wendy vacillates between frantic and frustrated until she finally realizes her options are limited to the unthinkable. It’s a testament to Laura Linney’s talent that viewers will have sympathy for Wendy, grieving alongside her instead of seeing her as a modern-day Lady Macbeth. But Tom Pelphrey’s (Ben) agony regarding his actions and his inability to comprehend how to make things right is the most genuine performance of the season.

13 The Toll: Season 1, Episode 10 (9.2)

Marty’s season-long struggle to stay one step ahead of not just of the cartel but of the Snells, the Langmores, and the Feds continues. He stops the bleeding in one part of his tenuously held together operation only to have someone inflict a new wound somewhere else.
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It’s exhausting to watch as Marty deals with the harsh reality that his situation continues to go from bad to worse. It’s also almost incomprehensible to figure out that a couple of business-savvy racist hillbillies from a sleepy lakeside town prove themselves to be as or more dangerous than a Mexican drug cartel.

12 The Gold Coast: Season 2, Episode 10 (9)

As Marty becomes less sedate, even vulnerable, Wendy grows harder. Darlene, Ruth, and Wendy are willing to make concessions for their families, even if it creates distance in the short term. The entire episode delves into familial ties: what binds people together and what pulls them apart.
Wendy tries to compartmentalize the part of herself capable of destroying the lives of those who would oppose her and a loving mom and upstanding citizen. When dealing with the Snells, drug cartels, crooked politicians, sociopathic FBI agents, the mob, and small-time criminals, the Byrds can almost justify their roles in this dark, twisted food chain. But Marty doesn’t want to do it anymore which poses a problem when the person closest to him suddenly becomes a powerful adversary.

11 BFF: Season 3, Episode 8 (8.9)

“BFF” shows the downfall of two genuinely “good” characters. Special Agent Maya Miller is an anomaly. Unlike her counterparts Petty and Evans, she wants to do the right thing for the right reasons, and she’s determined not to compromise. Sadly, it doesn’t work out for her. One of Marty’s most loathsome acts during season three is his attempt to get Miller to abandon her principles.
Ben may be bipolar, but he does recognize the irony that he’s locked up and punished for recognizing everything that is not okay going on around him. Ben’s mental illness affects how he handles and reacts to these harsh truths, but being bipolar isn’t synonymous with moral relativism. It’s foreshadowed early that things will not end well for Ben, and, the more everyone tries to do right by him, the more the situation spins out of control.

10 Su Casa Es Mi Casa: Season 3, Episode 6 (8.9)

Wendy and Marty’s marriage is built on a foundation of survival. Their chances are better together than apart. When they speak of marital discord being a matter of life and death, it isn’t hyperbole. Their therapy meltdown is raw, real, and darkly funny. They are so disconnected that the only thing they have in common is anger and resentment.
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As complicated as Wendy’s relationship is with her husband, the history between herself and Ben is more riveting and relatable. The revelation that Ben is bipolar points to disaster, especially regarding his romance with Ruth. Wendy’s love for her brother is wrapped up with heartbreak and of dealing with his issues, and one can’t be extricated from the other. Ruth and Ben falling for each other is a given, but so is their shared delusion they can overcome the insurmountable.

9 Game Day: Season 2, Episode 5 (8.9)

As Special Agent Petty becomes more desperate to take down the cartel, his behavior becomes more provocative and antagonistic. His downward spiral is a cautionary tale that those who let the monsters consume them from the inside out are doomed to become monsters themselves. He is adept at exploiting weakness, and he burrows into Marty’s head enough for Marty to begin to doubt those he supposedly trusts more. More accurately, there isn’t anyone Marty fully trusts.
While everyone else’s actions are driven by survival instinct, Buddy doesn’t function under the same constraints. He has nothing to lose which makes him invaluable to the Byrdes.

8 Coffee, Black: Season 1, Episode 9 (8.9)

Wendy poses the question that has been looming over the entire season. “If we weren’t stuck would we still be together?” It’s a loaded question to ask, and Marty is as succinct as he is with people like Rachel, Mason, and Sam. He gives very little away. He traffics in numbers not emotions.
Ruth continues to prove she’s more than a petty criminal who comes from a family of poor white trash. The kinship between her and Marty arises from their shared determination to do what it takes to protect the ones they love, and her ability to see he provides an outlet for her singular talents. There’s also a burgeoning affection between them as she begins to view him as a surrogate father, and Marty is willing to fill that role.

7 Boss Fight: Season 3, Episode 4 (8.8)

In “Boss Fight,” flashbacks to Marty’s past reveal the origin of is his ability to play the odds. As Navarro conducts some kind of test to determine who might be dispensable and who’s not, the only voice of reason is Wendy’s brother. Finally, someone arrives and witnesses this craziness from the outside.
With so many players on the board, and Marty, often so unflappable, everyone around him is reminded of his worth. Not just as the numbers guy but as a partner, father and husband. Until now, he’s been pushed aside and dismissed since Wendy’s unilateral decision that they stay put, but there’s so much more going on in Marty’s head than he reveals.

6 Kevin Cronin Was Here: Season 3, Episode 3 (8.8)

It’s not a good sign that Wendy dreams of taking Marty out of the equation the same way she does Cade. Only, this time, she pulls the trigger. The issues that exist in any marriage are amplified to the point of absurdity during this episode. Marty’s and Wendy’s attempts to sabotage the other is at times deceitful and sneaky, and others painstakingly passive-aggressive.
Is Marty simply threatened by Wendy’s relationship with Navarro or genuinely concerned for her safety? Helen is a catalyst for dissension as she stokes Wendy’s ambitions, making Marty appear a liability. Not content to watch her marriage implode, Wendy pushes casino owner Carl completely over the edge.

5 The Badger: Season 2, Episode 9 (8.8)

4 Civil Union: Season 3, Episode 2 (8.6)

One of the big storylines in the third season of the show was the fact that Helen began making powerplays behind Marty’s back, which all begin in this episode. She goes to Helen for help rather than her husband, leading Marty to begin taking action in spying on her.
The series also gets a major new addition to the cast in this episode as well, as Wendy’s brother appears at the very end, providing a major twist for things to come.

3 Outer Darkness: Season 2, Episode 6 (8.6)

“Outer Darkness” is another excellent episode of Ozark, taking place deep into the second season, things really heat up by this point and that is mainly due to the pressure that the FBI begin to place onto the Snell by searching their field and it brings out a major twist.
This episode is a perfect example of how the show leads audiences down one path, thinking that something will clearly happen but then the other does. There’s plenty going on in the episode and it’s no surprise it is one of the strongest.

2 One Way Out: Season 2, Episode 7 (8.5)

“One Way Out” is another strong episode of the series, and once again the Byrde family end up in major danger mainly because Mason targets them.
Meanwhile, Ruth continues to show she is vulnerable by trying to impress her father. She gets herself involved in a heist to steal boat-parts to help their business fixing things but takes plenty of risks in trying to succeed.

1 Sugarwood: Season 1, Episode 1 (8.5)

“Sugarwood” is the very first episode of Ozark, and it does a brilliant job of setting the tone of exactly what the show will be all about. Marty’s partner ends up trying to screw over a client and it quickly puts him and his family’s lives in danger.
Quickly packing up their life, it is very clear that the show is going to be a gripping one that will keep audiences hooked throughout. While the details concerning what the show will be about aren’t made abundantly clear, it is a perfect start.
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2020.04.09 16:16 wkelly73 [SPOILERS] The Meaning of Names in the Show

Naming characters is a fun part of writing a story. Some character names just sound good or right... and other characters aren't worth the effort. But, there is usually a reason why main or important characters are given their names and sometimes clues as to how their story will end up. I enjoy trying to figure that out... so here are some loose thoughts on character names from Ozark:
BYRDE - "wants to be free", the "e" added at the end to show there is something not right with these birds.
Marty - a low-brow play on "Smarty", but it works so well! Especially since JB's character just totally doesn't seem the type to go be a jaunty nickname. Maybe a reference to the man he used to be.
Wendy - name popularized by the character "Wendy Darling" from Peter Pan, whose character arc is about growing-up to become an adult. It has a sweet connotation to it, which becomes a more obvious contradiction to Laura Linney's character as the series develops.
Charlotte - "feminine and fragile" for obvious reasons... her character has yet to really develop, but I think we will see it happen in season four.
Jonah - a very recognizable name from the Bible who was a messenger of the wrath that would come to those who were wicked. He originally tried to avoid this responsibility until he realized that his inaction was doing more harm than good.
LANGMORE - "longs for more", an obvious reference to the fallen on hard times family of the show.
Ruth - another Biblical name, but in this case, I think its use is just as a name that sounds like it is for a much older person than the character in the show... who is forced to be much more of an adult than she is.
Wyatt - names means "brave in war"... maybe a hint of something to come? Or the name could just have been used for "Why?", which sums up the character's role in the show pretty well, so far.
SNELL - I don't know if that name means anything special... but it just sounds "slimy" for obvious reasons.
Darlene - if you need a redneck-y sounding woman's name, is there a better choice?
Jacob - Hebrew meaning is something like "second" or "younger", since he was a second son in the Bible. Here, the character is second to his wife, the ultimate source of strength in that family.
MILLER, Maya - Maya means "mother" which is a good choice for an extremely pregnant character. I assume the relevance of that will be revealed in the next season. A "Miller" is someone who grinds grains into flour, an honest profession.
NAVARRO, Omar - Omar means "eloquent" and a lot of meaning could be read into "Navarro"... but I think the name in the show is intended to just sound tough and Mexican. He's a pretty one-dimensional character.
PIERCE, Helen - Helen is most commonly associated with beauty from Greek mythology... and "Pierce" just sounds tough, violent, and lawyerly. The two together is a great juxtaposition and the names suits the character very well.
COSGROVE, Frank - Cosgrove means "triumphant" which is interesting... Frank is just a blue-collar, tough-guy name.
OTHERS - Petty (questionable methods FBI agent), Nix (the Sheriff), "Buddy", Liddell (Marty's business partner from season one who "lied to Del"), ?
Admittedly, I looked some of the name meanings up... which kind of takes the fun out of the game for me, but wanted the post to be more interesting. Please add to the list or agree/disagree in a civil manner. No offense intended to any redditors with any of these names!
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Marty quickly uproots his family – his philandering wife, Wendy (Laura Linney), and their two teenage kids, Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) and Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) – and sets about finding both ... In 2007, he and his business partner began to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel. Laura Linney as Wendy Byrde (née Davis), Marty's wife, and Charlotte and Jonah's mother. Formerly a public ... Reformed convict Jimmy Markum (Sean Penn) and his devoted wife Annabeth (Laura Linney) find out that their teenage daughter Katie (Emmy Rossum) has been beaten and killed. Jimmy's old friend Sean Devine (Kevin Bacon) is the homicide detective assigned to the case, along with partner Whitey Powers (Laurence Fishburne). Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman reveal their REAL birth names - The Graham Norton Show BBC - Duration: 4:40. BBC 13,417,780 views Hugh Grant Flirted With Chris Martin's Partner The Graham Norton Show by The Graham Norton Show. ... Timothée Chalamet, Laura Linney, Stephen Mangan, 1975 by XCollab Media. Laura Linney stars in her Golden Globe®-winning role as Cathy Jamison, a 42-year-old schoolteacher who has always played by the rules. That is, until she receives a life-changing diagnosis. Videos of Lighting Partners lighting the Empire State Building If you are starring in a series and are involved with a huge amount of money, things are sure to go wrong. This is the context that Marty Byrde finds himself in the TV series, Ozark. Marty is ... Starring Alan Ritchson, Megan Fox, and Laura Linney. Directed by Dave Green. 2:17. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: ... Partners (2016) - Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie Movie HD - Duration: ... Liam Neeson, Laura Linney i Antonio Banderas w intrygującej historii, w której miłość zmienia się w obsesję. W Kinie Pod Baranami - od 3 września 2010!